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Mike’s Comments on ROPS Vs QROPS

Recently, British press announced that the HMRC cannot confirm that all ROPS are qualified (QROPS).   Here’s what that means to the man on the street:   In very simple terms, HMRC has said if a Trustee cannot confirm that their scheme cannot be accessed before 55, then it will not qualify as a QROPS.…

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How the Pension Changes in the UK Affect Me:

Not many pensioners in the UK are aware how the biggest pension changes in 100 years will affect them.   In fact, only 17% of British pension holders are aware of these changes, and how it affects their retirement and their wealth.   Before we explain what to do about the changes, let’s recap what…

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Four Week Limit to Unpaid Internships

With the UK elections quickly approaching we have kept a close eye on what is happening in the financial sector during this time.   From budget proposals to employment and internship, Carrick Wealth offers insight into these developments.   Four Week Limit to Unpaid Internships    “In this country, if you want a good job…

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