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Going offshore: Are you really sorted for retirement?

Anthony Palmer

A reasonably common response when discussing international investments with prospective clients, is that they are “already sorted”. Understandably, people are apprehensive when disclosing their finances to a relatively unknown adviser. Often, they don’t have the inclination to dedicate the necessary time to ensure they have a sound international investment plan.   The uncomfortable truth, though,…

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A tale of many cities: Street-smart international property investments

International Property Investments

A three-minute read   The news — fake or otherwise — bombards us with reports of global economic and political risk and the accompanying volatile climate. The savvy investor doesn’t allow this uncertainty to cloud their decision-making abilities. Instead, they remain level-headed, looking for ways to strengthen their investment portfolios to better insulate them from…

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One thousand days — and counting

One Thousand Days

Thursday, 6 July 2017 — Carrick Wealth reaches significant milestone on the road to redefining wealth management and helps re-charter the map of the financial services industry. One thousand days to the day since launching, Carrick Wealth has gone from a start-up of six people to a successful company with more than US$220-million offshore assets…

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How to connect with millennials

millennials, investments, financial planning

Some joker said that pitching a financial plan to a Millennial (also known as Gen Y) needed to be done in 140 characters and involve at least four emojis. Like all jokes, there is a GIF of truth in it. But today’s Millennials are tomorrow’s clients. They  think differently about a lot of things, such…

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