Our Values



Integrity is the prime value at Carrick.

We seek the invaluable qualities of humility and personal integrity in all our employees. As the leading broker in the financial services industry in Africa, we understand what having integrity can mean in the marketplace.

Our business is built on sound principles; our interaction between members of the company and with clients is transparent and sincere, and our leadership values demand honesty and accountability from all who work with us.

Reputation is everything.



Transparency in all matters is non-negotiable in our company. Why we appreciate transparency is that it improves productivity, increases employee morale and the company ethos. When everyone’s in the loop, so, too, are our clients.

The clearer and more open we are, the easier it is for everyone to understand us. Where we use technical terms, we explain them to you and how each term applies to you and your needs.

Transparency protects you against unfair business practices and gives you the necessary information to make good decisions. All the small print is explained to you.



We believe in going above and beyond as a company. We believe in, and practise, efficiency, accuracy and working with pride.

We have a moral code of ethics and expect our employees to ‘walk the talk’. What this means is that we expect our employees to present our company in the best possible light, whether it be to clients or to the rest of the business world.

Be it in our thoughts, our words and actions, at Carrick we are committed to developing and improving our skills.

Professionalism. It’s in our DNA.