Discretionary fund managers and your financial strategy

Like almost every industry, financial services is undergoing enormous change. Despite the turbulence, Carrick Wealth continues to place its clients’ needs at the core of its business philosophy and implementing best practice that ensures the highest levels of financial advice are maintained. A crucial element in negotiating the changes has entailed advising and offering a…

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Continued global and domestic uncertainty calls for safeguarding of investments

Ongoing volatility in the South African domestic political theatre, shifting dynamics in other countries of the region and sudden volatility that rattled stocks and investors globally since last Friday, have one consequence in common: continued uncertainty. Uncertainty brings heightened risk that should inspire investors and high net worth individuals everywhere to take appropriate action: reassess,…

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Shaking off Blue Monday

The latest stumble on the US exchanges may have shaken the global market, but the unpublished statistics point to a brighter long-term forecast. The Dow Jones fell more than 1500 points at one stage on Monday, 5 February, the worst intraday rout in US market history, while the S&P 500 followed a similar trajectory, declining…

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Be the Change

Over the extended Christmas period I thought of many things, but the single biggest question I asked myself all holiday was: “What key issues should financial services businesses focus on to increase sales and profits in 2018?” Well, there is only one answer to that: our clients. That may sound glib, but the client was,…

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Carrick appoints Rashay Makan to Board of Directors

Rashay Makan

CAPE TOWN – Carrick Wealth today announced the appointment of Rashay Makan, Director of Strategic Projects, to the Board of Directors. Makan joined the company in 2014 and his duties recently included the position of Managing Director of the Carrick Development Academy. Chief Executive Officer Craig Featherby said the appointment reflected the high regard with…

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Carrick appoints new head of international offices

Greg Stockton

CAPE TOWN, 03 January 2018 – Carrick Wealth Management today announced that Greg Stockton would head up all its international offices – Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, and Mauritius – following his promotion to the Board of Directors. CEO Craig Featherby said Stockton was the ideal person for the post, pointing out that he had developed, nurtured,…

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Following the moral high road in offshore financial services

Marco Floreale

By Marco Floreale The recent leaking of the confidential financial information of thousands of wealthy individuals and companies in the ‘Paradise Papers’, following on the earlier ‘Panama Papers’, has put Mauritius and its offshore financial sector squarely in the spotlight, alongside other offshore jurisdictions. The leaks came against the background of an international crackdown on…

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