The essentials of estate planning

Estate Planning Essentials - Carrick Wealth

Estate planning is an inescapable fact of life but the right financial adviser will guide you through the process and ultimately structure your estate not only for your benefit, but also for that of your beneficiaries. Below are the considerations for estate planning, along with some very good reasons you shouldn’t leave it for a…

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If you’re young and earning big money, know the difference between “rich” and “wealthy”

Mike Fannin - Carrick Wealth

By Mike Fannin, Director: Operations at Carrick Wealth. The global wealth demographic is increasingly inclusive of Millennials, young adults born roughly between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, some barely out of their teens, and others approaching midlife. Inevitably this raises the question, just how well-equipped and prepared are many of these young adults…

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Client servicing and client experience – the key differentiators for success in business

Samantha Bowen - Carrick Wealth

As business paradigms constantly shift and change while the technological revolution continues at a breath-taking pace in a rapidly changing world, extensive research shows that client servicing and the client experience have become the key dynamic for any successful business. Companies and service providers who do not subscribe to this tenet, are fast realising the…

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Carrick Wealth appoints Gomez Kumwenda as Managing Director of Malawi office

Gomez Kumwenda - Managing Director - Carrick Wealth Malawi

Cape Town, Tuesday, 06 March 2018 – Gomezgani Kumwenda, a financial consultant with extensive fund and risk management experience, has been named as the Managing Director of Carrick Wealth Malawi with immediate effect. Kumwenda has a B.Comm (Honours) in Economics from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and a M.Sc. in Risk Management from Birmingham City University,…

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Discretionary fund managers and your financial strategy

Like almost every industry, financial services is undergoing enormous change. Despite the turbulence, Carrick Wealth continues to place its clients’ needs at the core of its business philosophy and implementing best practice that ensures the highest levels of financial advice are maintained. A crucial element in negotiating the changes has entailed advising and offering a…

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Continued global and domestic uncertainty calls for safeguarding of investments

Ongoing volatility in the South African domestic political theatre, shifting dynamics in other countries of the region and sudden volatility that rattled stocks and investors globally since last Friday, have one consequence in common: continued uncertainty. Uncertainty brings heightened risk that should inspire investors and high net worth individuals everywhere to take appropriate action: reassess,…

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