Navigating foreign exchange as an essential element of offshore diversification

Invest Offshore and Navigate Foreign Exchange with Carrick Wealth

The many uncertainties of our times demand meticulous planning and sophisticated investment strategies to protect and grow one’s wealth. The key has always been diversification of one’s investment portfolio, which prudently should include a substantial offshore investment allocation. This immediately also brings to mind the complexities of the foreign exchange environment and finding efficient foreign…

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Protect your wealth


Warren Buffet reputedly said that it takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to lose it. The same could be said of wealth: it takes time to build but it can be lost in an instant. Your overarching principle should be to protect what you have built in order that it can…

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5 investment essentials: Lessons taken from a transatlantic SUP Crossing

While storyboarding for our new brand video with our official Brand Ambassador, Chris Bertish (watch it here), I found myself reflecting. Throughout the entire process of both opening Carrick Wealth’s doors in 2014 and sponsoring Chris’s transatlantic SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) Crossing in 2017, something occurred to me. This is that there are indeed valuable lessons…

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Don’t put your estate in the hands of the state


When it comes to looking after their money, a remarkable number of people ignore the single most important factor: what will happen to your wealth when you die? For young couples, this is an almost taboo subject. Who thinks of mortality in the bloom of life?   In conversations with potential clients and with colleagues,…

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Going offshore: Are you really sorted for retirement?

Anthony Palmer

A reasonably common response when discussing international investments with prospective clients, is that they are “already sorted”. Understandably, people are apprehensive when disclosing their finances to a relatively unknown adviser. Often, they don’t have the inclination to dedicate the necessary time to ensure they have a sound international investment plan.   The uncomfortable truth, though,…

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A tale of many cities: Street-smart international property investments

International Property Investments

A three-minute read   The news — fake or otherwise — bombards us with reports of global economic and political risk and the accompanying volatile climate. The savvy investor doesn’t allow this uncertainty to cloud their decision-making abilities. Instead, they remain level-headed, looking for ways to strengthen their investment portfolios to better insulate them from…

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One thousand days — and counting

One Thousand Days

Thursday, 6 July 2017 — Carrick Wealth reaches significant milestone on the road to redefining wealth management and helps re-charter the map of the financial services industry. One thousand days to the day since launching, Carrick Wealth has gone from a start-up of six people to a successful company with more than US$220-million offshore assets…

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How to connect with millennials

millennials, investments, financial planning

Some joker said that pitching a financial plan to a Millennial (also known as Gen Y) needed to be done in 140 characters and involve at least four emojis. Like all jokes, there is a GIF of truth in it. But today’s Millennials are tomorrow’s clients. They  think differently about a lot of things, such…

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