Corporate Social Responsibility


Philanthropy in South Africa

Carrick lives and breathes a culture of philanthropy. We are passionate about Africa and committed to making a real difference in the lives of disadvantaged communities; on an ongoing basis and not merely as a once-off event. This goal can only be achieved through securing positive, meaningful partnerships. Our chosen South African Corporate Social Investment (CSI) partner, Signature of Hope Trust, is a direct reflection of this culture.


Carrick is proud to support Signature of Hope Trust to achieve their mandate in South Africa.


Sustainable sponsorship: Signature of Hope Trust

Signature of Hope Trust (SOH) is an accredited non-profit, public benefit (18A) organisation, structured as a charitable trust, raising funds through personal and corporate donations. These donations are dispersed to local non-profit organisations (NPOs) who are making a difference and changing lives in underprivileged communities within South Africa.


South Africa has its own story - a deep and turbulent history on one hand and a jubilant, empowering story of tenacity and unity on the other. The ups and downs of this epic journey, however, have left communities vulnerable. For the marginalised - the poorest of the poor - basic services are still lacking.  If left unchecked, this will result in a vast loss of human potential. Signature of Hope’s sole purpose is to serve as custodians to see to it that vulnerable children who are in these positions - not of their own choice or doing - receive the medical care, food and education they need. These are the starting blocks so desperately required to help them on their own paths, giving them a chance to live towards reaching their full potential.


Early development of children is an essential part of the SOH Trust’s goal to develop healthy, engaged and civic-minded adults and sustainable communities. It often only takes a small financial injection to launch individuals and whole communities into development, ultimately resulting in sustainability and a break in the cycle of generational poverty. Empowering people, building communities, changing lives.


Visit to see how you can help make a lasting difference in the lives of South Africa’s most vulnerable communities.

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