The Carrick Way


A message from Craig Featherby, Group Managing Director

“Our company values focus on having integrity, being professional, and, above all, being transparent in all that we do.

By building trust in the marketplace and, particularly, with our clients, we are now one of the fastest-growing brokerages internationally.

We’re dedicated to growing, protecting and preserving your wealth. And we are committed to keeping you informed about developments and news items that affect your wealth and your future.

On this site you’ll find news, articles, ebooks and blog posts giving you a multifaceted view of wealth: what’s in, what’s not and what’s hot. We will keep you up to date about changes in legislation, in particular.


Being better informed enables you to make better decisions.”

Our Culture


We are constantly developing and refining ourselves and our knowledge base, making ourselves ever more professional in how we conduct ourselves and what we can offer our clients.

We value respect, integrity and character development. We seek out those who embody the values that we admire.

Our goal is to create a company of industry captains, and thus we are always working to grow as a group to become the leaders of the wealth management industry.

Carrick leads by example, experience and reputation. More importantly, we aim for self-control so that we may be a beacon to others.

The Story of Our Brand


True wealth and, particularly, financial independence do not happen overnight. Even if you win the lottery, money needs to be managed so that your wealth can be sustained.

There are no stopgap solutions when it comes to money. Anyone who promises you that wealth can be yours overnight will be leading you astray. The only way to ensure long-lasting growth and financial security is to have a strategic plan based on sound financial advice from a qualified adviser.

That is what we offer: a sound understanding of your financial situation so that that we can draw up for you the finest, most stable financial solution for you and your family.

Investment Philosophy


Wealth management is a lifelong process based on sound financial principles.

People are living longer these days and expecting more out of life. Yet life is about change, and it is up to our team to truly understand your financial situation, your goals and your financial fears so that we can offer you strategic solutions, controlled implementation and ongoing management to build your continuing wealth.

We earn the trust of our clients through demonstrating our commitment to ethical standards in the giving of expert advice. Because we are responsible for your financial destiny, we take the job of protecting your capital very seriously indeed. We respect the wealth that our high-net-worth clients have accumulated.

Because the security of your wealth is our chief concern, we employ legal and technical knowledge from the some of the best fiduciary partners, and investment experience built up over years of being in the business.

Even the most cautious clients feel secure and confident under our protection.

Doing the Right Thing


Carrick complies with all mandatory industry requirements and ethical practices. We are very vigilant about all matters of compliance, and, therefore, trustworthiness is part of our company DNA.