The Carrick Philosophy

At Carrick, we set our sights on your financial goals. Whether it’s sending your children to a globally recognised university, retiring to a seaside home, or funding an ambitious business idea, we pave the way to your desired financial future.

Our approach is personal and our investment solutions bespoke. We believe you should live a rich, meaningful life.

What Carrick offers


We are experts in offshore wealth management solutions, with an extensive global network of investment partners.


Our business is well-established in Africa and fully licensed in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mauritius, where we hold three global business licenses.


Our value propositions include a diverse range of financial solutions, including property, fiduciary, offshore and onshore offerings. Our holistic approach addresses all your financial needs.

What to expect

Step 1

Meet with a Carrick Specialist

Your Carrick Specialist is not just a financial adviser, but a partner in your financial journey for years to come.

Step 2

Information Gathering

Through our fully confidential client questionnaire (FCCQ), we gain an understanding of your financial position and goals.

Step 3

Risk Assessment

Your Private Wealth Manager will send you a detailed risk assessment to complete. This will establish an asset allocation strategy that aligns your risk appetite, risk tolerance and investment horizon.

Step 4

Build a Suitable Financial Plan

Your financial plan is customised to your financial goals and needs, and includes an investment proposal, cash flow projection, suitability report and a full disclosure of fees. As your situation and requirements change your Private Wealth Manager will work with you to ensure your financial plan continues to meet your goals.

Step 5

Our Servicing Commitment

Our Private Wealth Managers are committed to the highest levels of service. They are available at any time and are committed to assist with valuations on all investments, market reviews, evaluate financial goals, discuss life stage events, or revise financial needs as things change. Carrick clients have instant online access to our online Concierge portal to view valuations and important policy information in real time.