Carrick | Impact

Giving back the best way we know how

We are elated to be working behind the scenes on Carrick | Impact, a results-driven mechanism that will connect you directly with the impact you are making, today and in the years to come.

What is Carrick | Impact ?


Investing with the aim of realising a profitable return.


Promoting the wellbeing of others by partnering with exceptional causes: PEOPLE | PLANET | YOUTH


Resulting in a real, sustainable difference to society, with measurable feedback on the Impact that each contribution makes.

It’s time to focus on making a measurable impact

While most of us want to make a meaningful difference by giving, it can be difficult to know where to start. We understand the need to see the direct impact your contribution has made.

At Carrick, we believe in sustainable giving that is backed by transparency and results. This is important now, more than ever, in Africa.

We constantly analyse what is sustainable, scalable, repeatable and measurable. We know that the only way to affect meaningful change is to create a platform to give that addresses these fundamental pillars.

In one, five, or ten years from now, we want to be confident that the contributions we’ve made have contributed to not just feelings of generosity, but quantifiable progress and impact.

Impact philanthropy demands real results

Think infrastructure for renewable energy, cures for diseases, affordable housing, education, conservation and training – and, of course, market-related returns on risk-tolerant investments.

Carrick exists to grow, protect and preserve wealth for future generations. We strongly believe that wealth does not exclude natural resources, a secure and peaceful society, and effective governance.

Impactful investment allows us to do what we do with a greater understanding of its consequences.

In the coming months, Carrick will launch the Carrick | Impact platform. It will form part of our existing culture, managed by The Signature of Hope Trust, an approved non-profit organisation that coordinates all of Carrick’s philanthropic endeavours.

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