Signature of Hope Trust lends a paw to Lucky Lucy Foundation

Cape Town | May 2016


Signature of HopeSignature of Hope donates R25 000.00 to Lucky Lucy Foundation


The Lucky Lucy Foundation is based just outside Malmesbury, in Cape Town. Lucky Lucy is a Non Profit, Pro Life, Pro Quality of Life Organisation that is trying to relieve the plight of abused and neglected township and street animals. It was incorporated in 2010, after the founders discovered a pregnant dog, tied to a railway line with wire. She subsequently had to have her front leg amputated, but luckily for Lucy (as she became known), she survived the ordeal!


On the 13th of March 2016, the Trustees of the Signature of Hope Trust received a plea from Lucky Lucy regarding their escalating vet bills. There was a serious threat that they would have to close their doors. The Signature of Hope Trust decided to step in and assist and subsequently donated R25 000.00 towards Lucky Lucy to help alleviate their plight.


Carrick DurbanA food drive was then also incorporated to help assist the NPO in obtaining much needed food for the animals. Lucky Lucy partakes in a number of outreach programs, by travelling to impoverished areas, they assist with the feeding of the animals, who would otherwise, not have had any nourishment.


After running the food drive for two weeks, The Signature of Hope Trust drove out to Lucky Lucy on the 2nd of April 2016 to deliver the bags of food which had been donated to this worthy cause. They were received with open arms and open hearts, given the opportunity to meet all the animals on the farm and were allowed to spend time getting to know the amazing volunteers who take time out each weekend to assist the organisation.



If you would like to learn more about the impactful work of The Signature of Hope Trust or make a donation please click here.


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