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Carrick Consult provides personalised fiduciary and financial services to optimise our clients’ financial portfolios and protect their assets.

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Ensure that your loved ones are looked after according to your wishes, long after you are gone. We offer expertise on single worldwide wills as well as foreign wills depending on the jurisdictions of all your assets.

Estate planning and administration

Anticipate and arrange for the disbursement of your estate, comprising your worldwide assets, upon your death. We work to minimise all costs involved, and to ensure your loved ones are left without any complications during such an emotional period.

Trust formation and administration

Used by families for estate planning, trusts serve as a vehicle in which assets can be managed for the benefit of family members for generations to come. Strict legislation means it is essential to have a thorough trust deed in place.

Corporate restructuring and commercial agreements

Our in-house attorneys can advise and assist with all aspects of commercial and corporate law. Ensuring your contracts and agreements that govern your company or transactions are solid is imperative for success.

Tax planning and compliance

Due to the frequent changes in tax legislation, it can be difficult to ensure your tax liability is as low as possible. We help ensure that you are tax compliant while ensuring you qualify for your maximum refund.

Accounting services and business valuation

We can assist in keeping your accounts up to date, accurate, and reliable, guaranteeing the foundation for business success. We also offer experienced business valuation for a buy and sell insurance agreement should you wish to sell your company.

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